July 24, 2003

Julius Caesar was the last in a line of reformers to be assassinated by conservatives. While many historians say that Caesar's murder can be attributed to personal problems, author Michael Parenti believes that the assassination was backed by strong social content. Parenti joins Todd to discuss why he believes Caesar's murder was a sign of resistance, and he expains the social and political angles of the assassination. Parenti wrote: The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome."

Lev Raphael, our book reviewer, returns to to discuss his favorite books from the past five years. Lev Raphael is a book reviewer for the Detroit Free Press.

Christopher Goulding joins Todd to discuss the true inspiration for Mary Shelley's story of reviving the dead, "Frankenstein". He found that it was her husband who passed along tales of Scottish scientist James Lind's experiments of coursing electricity through dead animals. Goulding is a researcher in English literature at the University of New Castle upon Tyne.

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