July 24, 2001

We're charging full speed into a world of faster technology and complex information, and also bigger social, economic, and health problems. Third World countries may be the most at risk, but Americans should be concerned as well, says political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon. He discusses the "ingenuity gap", our dilemmas, and the lack of ways to solve them. His book is "The Ingenuity Gap: How Can We Solve The Problems Of The Future?"

Sunscreen will protect us from a sunburn, but a new study finds that wearing a blue T-shirt will help too. Researchers at the New York University medical school experimented with different types and colors of clothing, and determined each one's level of protection from ultra-violet rays. David Polsky worked on the study, and talks with Todd about it.

Marian Smith, Immigration and Naturalization Chief Historian, talks with Todd about the background of the Immigration Naturalization Service, and what immigrants experienced when they arrived. She explains how the INS didn't change immigrants' names when they arrived.