July 20, 2001

Although tiny, the annoying mosquito can do much greater harm than an itchy bite. They can transfer deadly diseases which have destroyed populations of animals and people. Andrew Spielman, Senior Investigator in tropical disease at Harvard University, talks about the mosquito. His book is "Mosquito: A Natural History Of Our Most Persistent And Deadly Foe".

The developers of "FightCloud.com" have thought up a way for consumers to receive free CD's, and artists to retain full ownership of their songs. Jack Scalfani created the business model, and talks about what they intend to do.

Our music reviewer, Kyle Munson, stops by to talk about the latest and upcoming music releases. He discusses soundtracks of recent films; "Global A Go-Go", from Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros; and David Gray's albums. Munson reviews music for the "Des Moines Register".