July 18, 2001

American history books focus on presidents and explorers, but rarely on the slaves, displaced Indians, and commoners who took part in historical events. Howard Zinn, professor emeritus at Boston University, talks about history from the perspective of people left out of the history books. His book is "A People's History of the United States".

Finding the perfect fit is easy at the Levi's store in San Francisco, where technology allows customers to get "scanned" for measurements. The computer then produces the pattern for a pair of jeans. Levi's spokesperson Jennifer Crook tells us about the new service.

Community theater can be more than a group putting on a play. Leah Hager Cohen, writer, explains what a theater troupe can indicate about culture, society, and interpersonal relations. She talks about her own passion for community theater. Her book is "The Stuff of Dreams: Behind the Scenes of an American Community Theater".