July 17, 2003

James Wayman of San Jose State University, joins Todd to discuss biometrics. Wayman, who is a biometrics advisor to the US and the UK, explains why biometrics are becoming more important as tighter security becomes common all over the world.

Pianist Christopher O'Riley joins Todd to discuss his new cd, "True Love Waits." On the cd are classical piano renditions of Radiohead's album, "OK computer." O'Riley tells Todd what inspired him to make this album, and he also explains how he managed to transcribe Radiohead's music for the piano.

A recent study of trends in babies' names in the US during the 20th century shows that parents are now choosing from a wider range of names. Matthew Hahn, a graduate student at Duke University, joins Todd to discuss this study.

One of the most notorious murders of the 20th Century, The Black Dahlia murder, occured in Los Angeles in the 1940's. Many women had been brutally murdered, and all of their cases remained unsolved. Steve Hodel, a retired LA homicide detective, joins Todd to discuss the mystery and how he managed to solve it. Hodel is author of "Black Dahlia Avenger: The True Story."