July 16, 2003

Overfishing has dramatically reduced the population of large predator species, such as salmon, cod and tuna to an all time low worldwide. Todd talks with Daniel Pauly, the principal investigator of the "Sea Around Us Project" in Vancouver about the state of our oceans, why they are overfished and what we can do to save them. Pauly is the principal investigator of the "Sea Around Us Project" in Vancouver.

The coot is a bird that has always been associated with clumsiness and awkwardness. But new research suggests the coot has a remarkable ability to recognize and count eggs. Todd talks with behavioral ecologist Bruce Lyon about the crafty counting skills of coots, why they do it and how it was discovered.

How do you know if an animal is happy? This question is the focus of a new branch of science known as "animal well-being". Todd talks with professor Edmond Pajor about this research, how it is conducted and whether scientists really know what makes an animal happy. Pajor is an associate professor of animal behavior at Purdue University.