July 14, 2003

Today, thanks to the influx of thousands of immigrants, America's cuisine is a multicultural mix of many dishes and flavors from around the world. Todd talks with author Joel Denker about the history of America's food, how it is defined and the role immigrants played in creating and developing the American palate. Denker's book is called "The World on a Plate: A Tour Through the History of America's Ethnic Cuisine."

Most people experience moments when they need to eat "comfort" foods. But new research suggests men and women have different versions of what "comfort" food means to them. Todd talks with professor Brian Wansink about the gender preferences for comfort food and why there is a difference. Wansink is a marketing professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The "eco-machine" is a new greenhouse-like device designed to harness nature itself to protect and preserve the environment; including the purification of wastewater. Todd talks with the creator of the "eco-machine" Doctor John Todd about his creation, how it works and what it does. Doctor Todd is the Founder of Ocean Arks International.

Todd is joined by author and mystery columnist Lev Raphael to discuss some of the latest books on the shelves. They include "A Palestine Affair" by Jonathon Wilson; "What Liberal Media?" by Eric Alterman and "Benjamin Franklin" by Edmund Morgan