July 13, 2001

Today's show with guest host Charity Nebbe.

Actor Bruce Campbell created home movies during high school with his friends to get the reaction of his peers. He talks about how his acting and directing career developed, and his first movie, "Evil Dead". He has just written "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a 'B' Movie Actor".

One way to ensure the future of our natural environment is to preserve seeds. Researchers at the Millenium Seed Bank in England have gathered, dried, and frozen 93 percent of the UK's flora. Project coordinator Michiel van Slageren tells about it.

The task of naming flowers can be daunting, says Tom Smith, president of Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, Michigan. He talks about how flower names affect their marketing, and some of the new names for flowers.

Desmond Morris tells Charity about his life long career and diverse accomplishments. He discusses his research concerning animal behavior and language, and his work as a successful surrealist painter. He talks about how he became interested in wildlife, writing, and art.