July 12, 2001

The Monarch butterfly migrates thousands of miles each year to escape extreme temperatures. How they do it is still largely a mystery, but writer Sue Halpern tells Todd about the butterflies' behavior. Her book is "Four Wings And A Prayer: Caught In The Mystery Of The Monarch Butterfly".

One way to ensure the future of our natural environment is to preserve seeds. Researchers at the Millenium Seed Bank in England have gathered, dried, and frozen 93 percent of the UK's flora. Project coordinator Michiel van Slageren talks with Todd about it.

Book reviewer Alan Cheuse discusses his early career, the literature he loves, and contemporary writers. His book is "Listening To The Page: Adventures In Reading And Writing".

If milk were carbonated, kids might drink more of the healthful beverage. Mac Farms, in Burlington Massachusetts has developed a version of milk that's flavored and carbonated, called "E-Moo". Company representative Mary Ann Clark talks about the new beverage.