July 11, 2003

Todd is joined by author Gretchen Rubin to discuss Winston Churchill. Rubin tells Todd about the collection of short essays that talk about Winston Churchill's life and career - that of action, controversy, setback and achievement. Rubin wrote: "Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill."

Douglas Hall began collecting Churchill kitsch when he was just eight years old. Today, he is one of the largest collectors of Churchill memorabilia. Hall joins Todd to discuss his collection. Hall is author of: "The Book of Churchilliana."

Architects and preservationists are working hard to turn a gaudy strip of New Jersey shore into a monument to mid-century resort architecture. The 300 motels along this five-mile section, known as the Wildwoods, are in danger of being torn down. Jack Morey, who owns a hotel on this strip, joins Todd to discuss preservation efforts, and why it's important to restore these buildings.

Despite the fact that dolphins use sonar to hunt and avoid obstacles, thousands still die each year when they become entangled in fishing nets. Dr. Andrew Read of Duke University Marine Laboratory joins Todd to discuss how this happens, and what can be done to avoid killing dolphins.