July 09, 2003

In 1969, Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon ignited a worldwide obsession with space age and futuristic living. Houses, candy, breakfast cereals, clothes and more were being designed with an intergalactic theme. However, according to author Sean Topham our optimism for a space age future was short lived and gave way to anxiety. Todd talks with Topham about the rise and fall of futuristic design. Topham's book is called "Where's My Space Age?: The Rise and Fall of Futuristic Design".

For years, scientists and doctors have been offering explanations and cures for millions of people who have sleep problems. However, new research shows the first definitive links between sleep disorders and problems with brain chemistry. Todd talks with Doctor Sid Gilman about these studies and what they mean for those who suffer with sleep disorders. Gilman is the chief of the Neurology Department at the University of Michigan Health System.

One of the most worrisome aspects of having a party is the concern that people enjoy themselves. However, these fears can be alleviated by hiring a professional party motivator, who's job is to ensure your party is a success. Todd talks with professional party motivator Lorne Hughes about his job, how he does it and what lengths people will go to get him for their party.

Can a party motivator really guarantee the success of your party? Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks teaches organizational behaviour. He talks with Todd about the realities of making people have a good time and how it works. Sanchez- Burks is an assistant professor of business administration at the University of Michigan.