July 08, 2003

Todd is joined by our technology expert Heather Newman. They talk about a recent meeting of the largest computer, software and electronics companies who met to discuss the future of computer technology. They talk about library filtering systems, and wireless communications Heather Newman covers technology for the Detroit Free Press.

For more than half a century, state documents containing the official signatures of John Hancock were forgotten in the archives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2001, a curator Kurt Hasselbalch accidentally stumbled on the documents during a routine file check. Todd talks with Hasselbalch, about the documents, how he found them, their monetary and historical significance and how they were misplaced. Hasselbalch is a curator at the MIT museum.

What is it that makes us attacted to one another? Is it our smile, our laugh or the smell from our armpits? Todd talks with organic chemist George Preti about pheremones and the role our natural scents play when it comes to finding a partner. They also discuss why scientists are still baffled about pheremones and how they work. Preti is an organic chemist at Monell University in Philadelphia.