July 07, 2003

Since the war with Iraq, photographs and television images have offered us glimpses of how the country's ancient sites and museums have been damaged and looted. Archeologist Henry Wright has just returned from a recent trip to Iraq where he discovered extensive and severe damage to many ancient sites. He talks with Todd about the reality of this damage, how the damage occurred and the possibility of these sites being restored. Wright is an archeologist at the University of Michigan.

Papyrology is the study of ancient Egyptian texts written in ink on a variety of surfaces. However a new website makes it possible for viewers to explore over 20 thousand digital images of ancient papyrus. Todd chats to professor Traianos Gagos about papyrus online, why it was created and how precious artifacts are posted on the web. Gagos is an associate professor of Greek and papyrology at the University of Michigan. more information

Passport in Time (PIT) is a voluteer program which provides opportunites for members of the public to work with professional archeologists and historians on national forests around the country. Todd talks to Jill Osborn, the national coordinator of PIT, about the program, who participates and how voluteers contribute to new discoveries.