July 04, 2003

The basic six emotions humans face are innate to people everywhere, independent of their culture or background. These feelings make us human, says Dylan Evans, Research Fellow at King's College London. He tells Todd about how these emotions are vital to our survival. He talks about why emotions should be accepted and paid attention to. Evans' book is "Emotion: The Science Of Sentiment".

Stress at work may strengthen the immune system, according to research conducted by Jos Bosch at Ohio State University. Bosch talks with Todd about good stress versus bad stress, and how each affect the body. He explains that short term stress makes the body's defenses stronger, while long term stress makes it weaker.

Rudeness in the workplace hurts morale and can cause anxiety and depression. Researcher from the University of Michigan Lilia Cortina talks with Todd about the findings of her study concerning the number of workers who complain about rude behavior on the job, and how they deal with it.