July 3, 2001

Black soldiers played an intregal part in America's wars, even though they weren't fully accepted or respected. Gail Buckley, history writer, talks with Todd about the treatment of African Americans who fought for the United States throughout history. Her book is "American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military From the Revolution to Desert Storm".

A group is cloning and planting champion trees around the country. David Milarch, founder of the Champion Tree Project, and his son Jared Milarch, talk with Todd about the trees and how organizations are working to clone and plant them.

The Internet is a prime way to get information, and a new way to do that is "blogging", or weblogging. Dan Gillmor, tech writer for the "San Jose Mercury News", tells Todd about these online journals. Check out the TMShow Weblog... with posts from Todd and other TMShow staff.