July 02, 2003

If new studies are correct, a severely damaging and deadly earthquake will probably strike San Francisco by 2032. Foretelling when and where an earthquake will occur is known as the science of earthquake prediction. Todd talks with geophysicist David Schwartz about earthquake prediction, how it is performed and how accurate the predictions can be. Schwartz is a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey.

Earthquake protected buildings are expensive to construct but can save millions of dollars if an earthquake were to strike. However, some experts believe quake protected buildings are a waste of money in areas, such as the Mississippi Region, that are at a low risk for earthquakes. Todd talks with seismologist Seth Stein about the costs versus the benefits of quake protected buildings in the Mississippi Region and the likelihood of an earthquake striking there. Stein is a seismologist at Northwestern University in Illinois.

Female consumers are responsible for buying 85 percent of all goods and services nationwide. As a result advertisers spend millions trying to get inside women's minds. Todd talks with author Mary Lou Quinlan about women's purchasing decisions and what motivates them to buy. Quinlan's book is called "Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How They Buy".