July 01, 2003

Journalist Simon Worrall talks with Todd about the life and crimes of Mark Hofmann, an infamous forgery artist and murderer. He recounts how Hofmann's forging brilliance resulted in fake Mormon church documents, treasury coins and an 1871 Emily Dickinson poem. His book is "The Poet and the Murderer."

Todd talks with biologist Chuck Coutant about efforts to steer young salmon away from a hydroelectric turbine in the Saint Joseph's River. He explains that the fish are attracted to the whirlpools caused by the spinning blades of the turbine, and his research would create similar eddies to guide the fish upstream.

Todd is joined by Dr. Roger Fillingim from the University of Florida to discuss the differences in how men and women experience pain. He explains the role that genetics play in the varying pain mechanisms and how hormones and pharmaceticals can be targeted to address these differences.