June 30, 2003

Historical relics, ancient monuments, and rare species are threatened by the modern technology we use to study and protect them. This, according to author Alexander Stille, is a paradox we can't ignore. Todd talks with Stille about the ancient works of art, ways of life, and endangered species that are being damaged by the by-products of technology and globalization. His book is "The Future of the Past".

Todd talks with founder of the Coda Jazz Fund, Steve Penn, about the organization's mission - to help pay for the funerals of impoverished Kansas City jazz musicians. He talks about the city's jazz heritage and why it's necessary.

Computer historian Michael Williams is collecting old computers for a new museum. He talks with Todd about preserving the machines, their importance as part of our technological history, and which computers are his favorites. He explains why we are attached to our old computers.