June 29, 2001

Customs departments at airports all over the United States are employing canines to assist in finding undeclared food items and invasive species that may have hitched a ride in the cargo compartment. Calvin Shuler, the regional manager of the US Department of Agriculture's "beagle brigade" talks about how the dogs go about their work.

Our technology expert Heather Newman talks with Todd about the latest development in the Microsoft Anti-trust case. The Federal Appeals Court has reversed a previous decision that mandated the breakup of Microsoft. Heather and Todd discuss how this decision might affect consumers. Heather Newman covers technology for the "Detroit Free Press."

Tim Dugdale returns to the show to discuss latest releases at the box office. Today he talks with Todd about "Sexy Beast" and "Baby Boy". Dugdale is movie reviewer for The Todd Mundt Show and the "Detroit Metro Times".

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