June 26, 2003

Todd is joined by record producer Irwin Chusid to discuss the phenomenon of outsider music. He explains that these musicians are often untrained and unpaid; they simply have a passion for expression through music. He has collected and produced several compact disks of these recordings, and says an increasing number of listeners are being attracted to the eclectic sounds of outsider musicians. His latest outsider music C-D is "Songs in the Key of Z: Volume 2".

Dr. Chris Baber from Birmingham University talks with Todd about the SensVest, a lightweight vest that monitors the vital signs of its wearer. Designed for use by athletes, he explains, it sends the health statistics to a computer located right on the playing field.

Todd talks with author Gerard Jones about the role of fantasy violence in childrens' development. Jones argues that contrary to widely-held beliefs, media that is saturated with aggressive behavior does not necessarily have a negative effect on its young viewers. Instead, he contends, children use this imaginary world to learn to cope with the reality more effectively. His book is "Killing Monsters".