June 26, 2001

When Bob Davis was a kid, he clipped an ad in "Boys Life" magazine and started merchandise door to door. He wanted to strike it rich. Later on, as the founder and CEO of Lycos, he did. Davis talks with Todd about his strategies for success in business. His book is "Speed Is Life: Street Smart Lessons From the Front Lines of Business".

Bowling balls are porous, and the oil from the bowling lane can soak into the ball. Bill Hall runs the International Bowling Academy, and talks with Todd about cleaning the bowling balls, and how the extra oil causes the balls not to perform well.

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory houses telescopes powerful enough for scientists to study areas of the universe unseen by optical and radio telescopes. Science writer Wallace Tucker talks with Todd about the struggles, successes, and importance of the Chandra, and the work that went into creating the observatory. His book is "Revealing the Universe: The Making of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory".