June 25, 2003

Todd talks with P. M. Forni co-founder of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project, about how to incorporate civility into our lives at work and home. Forni explains why consideration and honesty are still important today, even in our fast-paced society. His book is "Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct", and he is a professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Researcher Peter Dilworth has created a new "mechasaurus" - a robotic dinosaur. His new creation is called "Butch", weighs 43 pounds, has a 700-MHz brain, moves and costs $100,000. Todd talks with Dilworth about "Butch", why he was created and what he is trying to do with the machine. Dilworth is an independent entrepreneur.

Todd is joined by our travel advisor Joe Brancatelli. They discuss this summer's best travel deals and the fare pricing structure. They also discuss current security issues at airports and what it means to be profiled by airport security staff.