June 21, 2001

The basic six emotions humans face are innate to people everywhere, independent of their culture or background. Dylan Evans, Research Fellow at King's College London, talks about how emotions are vital to our survival. His book is "Emotion: The Science Of Sentiment".

National Geographic creates photographs of ancient cities using real people digitally incorporated into computer images. Senior Editor for Art Christopher Sloan talks with Todd about the complexity of the images.

Rudeness in the workplace hurts morale and can cause anxiety and depression. Researcher at the University of Michigan Lilia Cortina talks with Todd about the findings of her study and rude behavior on the job.

We know that cats purr when they're happy or relaxed, but they also do so when they're scared or wounded. Liz Von Muggenthaler, from the Fauna Research Institute, tells Todd why purring may help to strengthen cats' bones and aid in healing.