June 20, 2003

The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911. Even still, people who had never seen the painting began to flock in order to see the empty space where it once hung. Psychoanalyst Darian Leader joins Todd to discuss why we look at art, what we are hoping to find, and why artists create it. Leader wrote "Stealing the Mona Lisa: What Art Stops Us From Seeing."

Does it make a difference when somebody has a good excuse for bad news? A new study done by researcher John Shaw and his team at the University of Florida at Gainesville says yes, a reasonable and good excuse makes accepting bad news much easier. They discuss the deliverance of bad news, and why some explanations are more acceptable than others.

Darby Conley, creator of the comic strip "Get Fuzzy" joins Todd to discuss his career as a cartoonist. They discuss how he started the comic strip, and Conley tells Todd how he creates the characters, as well as the cultural references that he uses in the strip.