June 19, 2003

Todd is joined by biographer Hilary Spurling to discuss the life of Sonia Orwell, widow of writer George Orwell. Spurling tells Todd about his wife Sonia, and how she was misinterpreted by the general public. Spurling is author of "The Girl from the Fiction Department: A Portrait of Sonia Orwell."

William Clancey, chief scientist for human centered computing at the NASA Ames Research Center, joins Todd to discuss the simulation experiments that he leads. He tells Todd about the simulations, and what we can learn when scientists and volunteers live for weeks at a time as if they were on Mars.

Landscape architect James van Sweden joins Todd to discuss home landscape design using architecture. He and Todd discuss different garden ideas, and van Sweden explains how he believes that a garden can be integrated with one's home. van Sweden is author of "Architecture In The Garden."