June 17, 2003

In 1691, the first U-S paper money was created in Boston, followed by the Bank of the United States. But it wasn't until after the Civil War and the creation of a federal government that the greenback finally became one of the World's most powerful currencies. Todd talks with author Jason Goodwin about the history and rise of the American dollar. Goodwin's book is called "Greenback: The Almighty Dollar and The Invention of America".

Oceanographers are planning a massive program to tag sea creatures. They plan to tag four thousand different animals in the largest ocean data gathering operation ever. Todd talks with oceanographer Randy Kochevar about the operation and what they hope to achieve. Kochevar is an oceanographer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Like all emotions, stress originates in the brain. But new studies suggest that the hormone oxytocin plays a unique role in the way women handle stress which encourages nurturing behaviour. Todd talks with psychologist Shelley Taylor about the gender differences between how we deal with stress.Taylor is a psychology professor at UCLA.