June 16, 2003

By the mid eighteenth century, the cities of London and Boston were still struggling with the smallpox epidemic. Yet, two individuals who had barely survived the disease, decided to flout European medical conventions and find a cure themselves. Todd talks with author Jennifer Lee Carrell about the smallpox epidemic and how the vaccine was discovered. Carrell's book is called "The Speckled Monster: A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox".

Todd talks with leading transplant surgeon Robert Higgins about the call to legalize the live organ trade. They talk about how organs are sold, botched operations and how many poor donors are dying after selling one of their kidneys. Higgins is a consultant in renal and general medicine at the University Hospitals in Warwickshire.

Nutritional genomics is a new science which tailors menus to suit an individual's DNA. The goal is to balance one's micronutrient and macronutrient needs. Todd talks with scientist Wasyl Malyj about this science, what it can do and how it works. Malyj is an informatics scientist at the UC Davis.