June 13, 2003

Space Camp is usually for gifted youth, but Special education teacher Mike Kersjes wanted his students to have the opportunity to go, as well. He talks with Todd about how he gained the permission of School Board and Space Camp officials for his challenged students to attend. He explains the kids' apprehension and delight, and the benefits they reaped from the experience. He talks about his own fears and hopes as the plan unfolded. His book is "A Smile as Big as the Moon: A Teacher, His Class, and Their Unforgettable Journey".

Todd talks with the creator of "Geek Boy Services", Christie McClelland, about helping men change their look. She gives them advice on what to wear and where to go to become one with the hip, young crowd. Her website is here

Antronette Yancey is researching how teenagers select role models, and what influence these figures have in their lives. She discusses the importance of having people to emulate, and some of the ethnic differences she saw. She is from the University of California, at Los Angeles.

Todd talks with Kenneth P. Wright about why the human clock cannot adjust to days that are not twenty-four hours long. Wright talks about his study, and what this means for astronauts who experience days that are twenty-three and one-half hours long while on extended space missions. Wright authored the study, and is from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.