June 11, 2003

Todd talks with author Steve Jones about what it means to be a male today and how masculinity can be defined biologically and socially. They discuss the significance of the Y chromosome and how it influences men's bodies and personalities. Jones is the author of "Y:The Descent of Men, Revealing the Mysteries of Maleness."

The "Reading Rainbow" is an Emmy award winning children's program which teaches and encourages children to read. Today, it is in danger of being cancelled. Todd talks with the show's host LeVar Burton about "Reading Rainbow", why it is unique and the reasons why it may be cancelled.

Author Kevin Sweeney's father died when he was three. Longing for a father figure, he quietly chose three men in his community who became his secret surrogate fathers. Sweeney talks with Todd about his three fathers, how and why he chose them, and how they affected his life. Sweeney's book is called "Father Figures: Three Wise Men Who Changed a Life".