June 9, 2003

Most of us are skeptical about implicitly trusting others. Yet, new studies show that trust is a innate characteristic in humans which is almost impossible to ignore. Todd talks with Professor Paul Zak about these studies and how scientists have dicovered the neurological component of trust. Zak is a professor of economics at Claremont Graduate University in California.

Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is found deeper inside the body surrounding the organs in our abdomen. It is a potentially dangerous fat that is increased by physical inactivity. Todd talks with cardiologist Willaim Kraus about what scientists have discovered about visceral fat, how it develops and how it is eliminated. Kraus is the principal investigator of the Duke Reasearch Team studying visceral fat.

Video games are often blamed as one of the main culprits that distracts children from their studies. However, professor James Paul Gee believes video games actually enhance a child's ability to learn and study more effectively. He talks with Todd about video games and why he thinks they teach our children to think. Gee is a reading professor at Wisconsin-Madison University.