June 6, 2001

Actor Mike Daisey took at postion at Amazon.com, left the company after two years of long hours and low pay, and has since created a one-man show about his job there. He talks with Todd about his experience. His future book is called "21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ Amazon.com".

Art, literature, and Internet sites have been censored from children to protect them from indecent sexual material. Author Marjorie Heins talks with Todd about the history of indecency laws. Her book is "Not In Front Of The Children: "Indecency, Censorship, And The Innocence Of Youth".

About four years ago, an email message bearing Phillip Harter's name circled the globe. The message described what life would be like if the world's resources and wealth were distributed among only 100 people. Harter received the message and sent it to others, but his name remained on the message. He talks with Todd about the unexpected attention he's received from people who think he's the author.