June 5, 2003

Author Martin Dugard joins Todd to discuss the disappearance of English explorer Dr. David Livingston while on an expedition to Africa in the mid-1860s. Dugard tells Todd about the expedition, how it unraveled, and why journalist Henry Stanley was sent to search for Livingstone two years after his disappearance. Dugard is author of "Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley & Livingstone."

Michael Keller, head librarian at Stanford University, joins Todd to discuss the robot that will help them digitize millions of books. Keller explains how the robot works, its efficiency, and why the robot can damage the books.

Skip McWilliams, President of the educational publishing company Teacher's Discovery, joins Todd to discuss their film "Arabs, Muslims & Islam." McWilliams explains the goals of this film, and the knowledge that it offers to young adults.