June 4, 2003

To most of us, babies do not appear to know much. However,according to Professor Alison Gopnik babies know much more about the world than we think. She talks with Todd about these new insights and the way a baby's mind operates and develops. Gopnik is a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of California in Berkeley.

Communication problems between doctors and patients who speak different languages occurs nationwide. While many clinics have interpreters, a recent study in the Journal for Pediatrics says that translation errors are common and can be dangerous. Todd talks with Dr. Erin Marcus about the language barrier in treating patients and what can done about it. Marcus is a practicing doctor in Miami.

Scientific uncertainty puzzles many people. The puzzlement occurs when scientists have more than one answer and disagree among themselves. Todd talks with author Henry Pollack about scientific uncertainty and how it arises in science. They also discuss how scientists accomomdate uncertainty and how they reach scientific conclusions. Pollack's book is called "Uncertain Science, Uncertain World".