June 3, 2003

In 1776, an immigrant named Thomas Paine published a small pamphlet of only 46 pages that was to change the course of American history. Todd talks with author Scott Liell about Paine's "Common Sense" document and how it influenced America's independence. Liell's book is called "46 Pages: Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and the Turning Point to Independence".

"Verbal overshadowing" is a term used to describe the way the brain can distort memories. It usually occurs when trying to verbalize memories, resulting in a distorted recollection. Todd talks with Jonathon Schooler, a professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh about this phenomenon.

Auditory hallucinations are hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia, often tormenting patients to the point of incarceration or suicide. Psychiatrist Ralph Hoffman has a unique method for treating voices called "transcranial magnetic stimulation". He talks with Todd about this treatment, how it is different from others and how it works. Hoffman is a psychiatrist at Yale University.