June 2, 2003

Todd is joined by our technology expert Heather Newman to discuss the latest "Electronic Entertainment Expo" in Los Angeles. They talk about the current developments in software, hardware and the newest gaming trends. Newman covers technology for the Detroit Free Press.

Like most birds, crows are known for stealing food among their group. However, new studies show that crows are gentle when stealing food from their prefered companions and aggressive when stealing from others. Todd talks with behavioural biologist Renee Robinette Ha about crow food sharing and why some crows are nicer than others. Havis a behavioural biologist at the University of Washington.

Author Lou Marinoff believes that philosophy rather than therapy, is the most effective way to heal your emotional problems. Todd discusses this theory with the author and how philosophy was considered the first form of therapy. Marinoff's book is called "The Big Questions: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life". He is a professor of philosophy at the City College of New York.