June 1, 2001

Former FBI agent Candice DeLong talks with Todd about her career in the FBI. She discusses the cases she worked on, including the Unabomber. She tells Todd about the first time she drew her gun, and how criminal profiling was first used in the FBI. Her book is "Special Agent: My Life On The Front Lines As A Woman In The FBI".

Little League Baseball, Inc. is using the Internet to make tracking rosters and teams easier. President Stephen Keener talks with Todd about team web pages, the personal web pages kids can develop, and how posting information online is easier for coaches.

Your ideal job could be the one you're in, after a few minor adjustments. Career counselor Diana Pace talks with Todd about career satisfaction, and why a completely new job might not be the answer. Her book is "The Career Fix-it Book: How To Make Your Job Work Better For You". Pace is a career planner at Grand Valley State University.