May 30, 2001

Two film producers discovered a unique opportunity: to document the creation, growth, and eventual downfall of a dot com. The film, "", follows the entreperneurs' decisions, hirings, and firings. The creators of the film, Chris Hegedus and Jehane Noujam, talk with Todd about the film, and what it reveals about starting a dot com from scratch.

Roundabouts may be the key to reducing traffic congestion and auto accidents in busy areas. Georges Jacquemart is an engineering consultant, and talks with Todd about the popularity of the new designs of roundabouts, and how they can help problem intersections.

A group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is determined to create a nuclear reactor that's environmentally friendly. Their creation won't emit carbon dioxide, thought to contribute to global warming. Andrew Kadak is leading the project, and talks with Todd about their planning and progress.

Heather MacLean is a student involved with the MIT project that is developing a nuclear reactor that's good to the Earth. She talks with Todd about the type of experiments she's been doing, and how the work will benefit future generations.