May 28, 2003

About 800 years ago, American Indians in the Southwest began building stone citadels and fortresses as though they were anticipating a war. Todd talks with archeologist Steven LeBlanc about these structures, why they were built and what the Indians were afraid of. LeBlanc is an archeologist at Harvard University.

The new Tozzi Center at University of Michigan is one of the most cutting edge Business and Finance Centers in America. Todd talks with Professor Richard Sloan about the center, how it works, why it is unique and how it can help students. Sloan is a Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University of Michigan.

Would the world be a friendlier place if everyone wore name tags? Author Scott Ginsberg has been wearing a name tag everyday for two years. He talks with Todd about his experiment and how people reacted. Ginsberg's book is called "Hello, My Name is Scott".

Todd talks with author Marina Benjamin about the future of space exploration in America. They discuss the cult of space exploration, the fascination with UFO's and the realities of humans living on other planets. Benjamin's book is called "Rocket dreams: How,the Space Age Shaped Our Vision of a World Beyond".