May 27, 2003

From time to time most of us get angry and feel rage during difficult times in our lives. But few of us experience such intense hatred that results in truly malevolent actions, like suicide bombings and terrorism. Todd talks with author Willard Gaylin about true hatred and how it manifests itself inside some individuals. His book is called " Hatred: The Psychological Descent Into Violence".

It is often thought that intelligence started with language. However a new study has shown that animals can possess true intelligence without language. Todd talks with Herb Terrace, a psychologist at Columbia University about this study which tested the intelligence of macaques monkeys.

One third of the world's species of plants depends on animal pollinators such as bees, to reproduce. Todd talks with entomologist Steven Buchmann founder of "The BeeWorks", a company dedicated to the promotion of pollinating insects through educational programs and other services. They discuss the importance these insects and the ecological threat we pose to them.