May 26, 2003

Todd talks with Michael Westmore, Hollywood makeup artist, about creating alien characters and special make-up effects for film and T-V. He talks about his family, and his ancestors who have been putting make-up on actors since 1917. It all started when his grandfather became a wigmaker and hairdresser in 1915, and opened the first studio makeup department for jungle films.

Toy collector Paul Deion has amassed the world's largest collection of Colorforms, and talks with Todd about the toys. He talks about their monetary worth, and the memories they evoke from adults.

Executive producer of "The Simpsons", Al Jean, and one of the show's writers, Matt Selman, talk with Todd about their philosophy behind writing for "The Simpsons". They give examples of ways they've kept the show up with current social trends, and changed the writing slightly over time to maintain appeal and keep it fresh.