May 21, 2003

Nearly 10 percent of America's economy is illegal and underground. Todd talks with author Eric Schlosser about this black market economy and how it affects our lives. They also discuss the realities of some of the three biggest realms of the black market. Schlosser's book is called "Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market".

The question of whether elephants can run has always been a puzzle for scientists. This is because elephants do not change their pattern of footfall as they run, unlike horses and other animals. Todd talks with Dr. John Hutchinson about this question and and what scientists have concluded. Hutchinson is a Bioengineer at Stanford University.

Todd talks with our travel advisor, Joe Brancatelli about the latest news and developments in the travel industry. These include the fare structures and the abundance of flight deals as the airlines increase capacity. He also shares his summer travel tips.