May 20, 2003

Todd talks with Juan Cole, an expert on the relations between the US and Iran. They discuss the current situation in Iran, its drive to acquire nuclear weapons and how it may de-stabilize the region. They also discuss other political currents in Iran such as extremism, the Shia faith, recent elections and the possibility of terrorism. Cole is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

New studies suggest that the click languages of Southern Africa may resemble the ancient mother tongue spoken by the first modern humans. Todd talks with geneticist Joanna Mountain about this study and how it was conducted. Mountain is a Professor at Stanford University.

Obesity in the United States has been called an epidemic. Todd talks with Kelly Brownell, the director of the Yale University Center for Eating and Weight Disorders about this problem and what is being done to fight it. They also discuss some clever new tactics which may help combat obesity.