May 19, 2003

Todd talks with author Peter Stearns about parents and how they raise their children. They discuss how parenting has changed over the years and how as a result, children today are more emotionally and physically vulnerable. Stearns' book is called "Anxious Parents: A History of Modern Childrearing in America". Stearns is a professor of history at George Mason University.

Todd talks with literary sleuth William Baker. They discuss how his job is to track great literary works back to their origins, attempting to understand the thought processes of the authors through their letters, notebooks and manuscripts. Baker is a professor of english at Northern Illinois University.

Revenant Records was recently voted best record label in America according to GQ Magazine. Todd talks with Dean Blackwood one of the founders, They discuss the philosophy of Revenant Records, the kind of music they release, how they choose it and how they restore it and publish it.