May 17, 2001
Kelly Sorenson, project director for the "Ventana Wilderness Society", talks with Todd about plans to reintroduce the California condor into the wilderness. He talks about why the condor became endangered, and how captive breeding saved the population.

Chuck Jonkel, leader of the "Great Grizzly Search", talks with Todd about evidence that grizzlies live in the Bitterroot mountains in Montana. He talks about how he leads volunteers into the woods to search for the bears. He discusses freeing captive bears in the area, and how native bears will interact with the newcomers.

Chris Servheen, grizzly bear recovery coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, talks with Todd about native grizzlies in the Bitterroots. He talks about government plans to reintroduce grizzlies into the area, and why he feels there are no grizzlies there now.


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