May 16, 2003

Todd talks with sociologist Kevin Bales about modern slavery and where it's occuring. Some slaves are trying to repay their ancestor's debts, others are sold to factories or farms after being promised education, money, or a better life. Bales talks about why this largely hidden situation continues. Bales is from the University of Surrey Roehampton in London.

Mother's palates could have a direct impact on what their children prefer to eat. Todd talks with Julie Mennella, a biophysicist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, about her study that found that babies prefer the types of foods their moms ate during pregnancy.

Todd talks with historian Sarah Leavitt about the role of domestic advisors in American culture. For centuries women have been teaching other women how to run their homes, she explains. Leavitt says that women felt that reforming their homes would improve the world. Her book is "From Catharine Beecher to Martha Stewart; A Cultural History of Domestic Advice".