May 15, 2003

Todd speaks with William H. Gray, president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund. He discusses the United States' 'new demographic', and the changing composition of college student bodies. He explains the UNCF's importance in providing funding to these students when higher education institutions fall short.

Jay Young talks with Todd about his alligator wrestling classes, conducted at the wildlife refuge called Colorado Gators. He talks about the techniques used to wrangle the reptiles, and how his students eagerly jump into the muddy fracas.

Todd is joined by historian Kirse Granat May, to explore the development of Californian pop culture during the 1950's and 60's. She explains that movies, music and television portrayed the white, middle class Californian teen as the ideal, and the image became a national icon. Her book is "Golden State, Golden Youth: The California Image in Popular Culture 1955-1966".