May 15, 2001
You probably won't spend you're entire career working for the same company. Instead, self-fulfillment, fun, and the economy will propel you to work different jobs. Daniel Pink, contributing editor at "Fast Company" magazine, talks with Todd about the increasing number of "free agent" workers. He describes their self-reliance, their skills, and how they are changing America. His book is "Free Agent Nation: How America's New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live".

A group is keeping the Inuktitut language alive by creating a "living dictionary" on the Internet. Jim Howse, from Multilingual E-Data Solutions, talks with Todd about the language, and the online dictionary to which Inuit can contribute words and meanings. He talks about the language, and response from the Inuit people.

Patients admitted to the ER with traumatic head injuries can benefit from a "brain chilling", and new research indicates this treatment helps only under certain circumstances. The organizer of the study, Guy Clifton, talks with Todd about what happens when the brain is chilled, how his study was completed, and what he hopes to find from future research..

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