May 14, 2003

The Harry H. Ransom Center, at the University of Texas, contains forty million rare artifacts of history. Visitors see a first edition of "Alice In Wonderland" and Houdini's actual props. The Director, Thomas Staley, talks with Todd about the global controversy that surrounded the collection when it was built, and the founder Harry Ransom, who wanted to archive objects to document writers' lives.

Neal Iverson, from Iowa State University, spends time within glaciers to study how they move. He talks with Todd about the Norwegian Svartisen Ice Cap, how glacier behavior affects the Earth's climate, and working in the cold environment.

Researchers are developing a process called 'awake brain mapping', to better remove brain tumors. During surgery, doctors use a three- dimensional image of the brain, and ask the patient questions to determine which parts of the brain should be removed. Oren Sagher, assistant professor of neurosurgery and anesthesiology, talks with Todd about the procedure.