May 12, 2003

If you are ever in the unfortunate position of being buried in an avalanche in Anchorage, Alaska, chances are you may be rescued by avalanche fighter, Jill Fredston. She talks with Todd about her career as an avalanche fighter, the nature and dangers of an avalanche and the process of rescuing an individual who has been buried.

Inside a torture chamber, you can probably expect to see instruments such as whips, knives and devices such as the rack and stocks. However, prisoners during the Spanich civil War were tortured with modern art. Todd talks with art historian Victoria Combalia about this method and how abstract art was used as a torture device. Combalia is an art historian at the University of Barcelona.

Todd is joined by our book reviewer Lev Raphael. They discuss three new books, "The Coffee Trader" by David Liss; "Chopin's Funeral" by Benita Eisler and "Bay of Souls" by Robert Stone. Raphael is an author and mystery columnist.

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