May 11, 2001
"Destroying to Preserve" - sounds like something out of an Orwell book, but it's actually the policy of American libraries since the 1950s.  It's replacing original magazines and newspapers with microfilmed copies.  But now THOSE are deteriorating, and the originals are long gone.  Todd talks with Nicholson Baker about how this happened and how we can save what's left. His book is "Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper".

The FDA is considering a ban on raw-milk cheeses, due to concern that dangerous pathogens present in the milk may survive the 60-day aging process of the cheese.  Dun Gifford is the head of "Oldways", which wants to preserve natural foods. He talks with Todd about regulations and restrictions.

Kyle Munson reviews music for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Des Moines Register", and joins Todd today to discuss recent releases.  He reviews G. Love and Special Sauce's album "Electric Mile"; Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel's "A Concept Album"; and Hayseed Dixie's "A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC".

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